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Hello..Welcome to the APAP web site.
To get going all you have to do is click on the logo below. Remember that when you pass your cursor over something and it turns into a little hand, try clicking. Turn your speakers up, scroll open your browser and enjoy.


(Thanks go to Max, Skip, Missy, Zuko, Charlie, Jess and friends for the back up vocals. )
Remember that clicking on an image both in the Gallery and in the eCom cart product listings enlarges the image. Also you should have recent updates for your QuickTime plugin installed in order to hear all the sounds.



Angry Puppy Art Productions produces culturally loaded icons. (Not only dog pictures!) We have recently been exhibiting this 'other work'and have produced a new gallery to represent this. As this work is of a sexual nature parental guidance is recommended. To get to the access page click on the image below.

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APAP has begun work on a 'new project' for a preview please click on the image below.


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To see works from the proprietor of Angry Puppy Art Productions, DAVID WILLIAMS, please click on the image below.




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Angry Puppy Art Productions (APAP) is owned and operated by David Williams. All rights to this site are property of APAP. Reproduction of the imagery or the site is forbidden without the express consent of APAP. David Williams, proprietor of Angry Puppy Art Productions, holds the copyright to all imagery associated with this site.

Angry Puppy would like to say thank you for the awards.

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